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HostGator Web Hosting Review – Is the Most Reliable Hosting?

HostGator has been a world-leading provider of shared, reseller and dedicated web hosting service. We have been established since 2002 by current Founder and Chairman Brent Oxley who started the company from his dorm room at Florida Atlantic University.

Since then we have been grown in to a world leading industry and recognized with more than 7,000 servers under management. We are held and based in Houston and Texas. We host over two million domains which make up approximately 1% of the world’s Internet traffic.

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HostGator Review 2016

HostGatorWith HostGator’s technology and product innovation we are able to provide more than 225,000 customers with services designed to complement their existing businesses.

We serve customer ranging from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies in more than 170 countries. Because of  reseller hosting, customers are mostly web designers or developers who provides hosting service to their clients. Both small and large websites make use of us as we are affordable yet powerful service. Customers range from newbie to experts. According to Inc.

Magazine we are the 21st fastest growing private company in America, we are the second fastest growing company in the business services sector and we are the fastest growing company in Texas. In order to maintain HostGator’s rapid growth we have moved from our original office in Boca Raton, Florida in to a new 20,000 square foot office building in Houston, Texas. Since moving in January 2007, we have added more than 200 employees. We expect to add 200 employees more within the next two years.

According to customer satisfaction survey in June 2008 we had approximately 90% of customers reporting satisfied with the services we provide. We are constantly working to improve and to achieve the goal of becoming the world leader in the global web hosting market. In addition to president and CEO, our management team also work together to ensure growth and progress. From the 5000 list we have been ranked 239th fastest growing privately owned company in the country.

You can know everything about HostGator from Company news, product promotions, ticks and tricks in the HostGator Blogs. HostGator follows all business standards. HostGator welcomes coverage by the press and media. Our media relations team is available to serve members of the media and assist them in covering and reporting on HostGator. We have received numerous awards in our seven plus years of providing exceptional webhosting.

We believe in giving back to the community and to the greater good, in response to this belief the HostGator Technology Grant started in 2008 provides free and discounted web hosting to worthy causes and organizations.

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How to Connect Hotmail Email with

One of the great features of Hotmail email, and surely one of its big attractions is also the possibility that us flange to be able to access a number of other online communication services, such is the case of Messenger or


In relation to the latter, well worth pointing out that reason why the connection between both services is more common is one of the most used of the moment social networks than is believed. In this way many users may have to hand your hotmail email and your favorite social network.

If you’re new to Hotmail email and do not know how to connect your account with Facebook, it neglects, in the next tutorial Hotmail email, we have what you. Pay attention and notes what we have prepared for you.

Connecting Hotmail with Facebook

To begin, you have to sign in to your Hotmail email account. To do this, you must enter your account email and password.

Then, in the home, go to Social Messenger and click Add, the menu that appears click on the Facebook.

On this new page titled connect to Facebook, you can choose which connect between these two great services.

Facebook to Windows Live, you have the Following Options: see your Facebook friends and their updates in Messenger, chat with your friends on Facebook in Messenger and share your status and updates of Facebook with your Messenger friends.

Windows Live to Facebook: allow you to publish photos and videos on Facebook and tag them to your friends on Facebook, share your social updates with your friends on Facebook and share your Messenger status messages with your Facebook friends.
Once selected the only configuration options you have to click Connect with Facebook. And that’s it!

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I hope that you liked beyond the article, very simple!

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Simple But Powerful Way to Get 100+ Visits / Day From Facebook

Facebook Traffic, How to Get Traffic from FacebookFacebook is undoubtedly the best place to start discussion with other niches and as a blogger we using Facebook either to get visits for our site or to find the potential clients for our business or whatever you name it. Your business or your blog is whatever topics dealing in the web, However you need to have more people visit your blog or like your product to get success over online.

In the past Facebook surpassed tons of visits to blogs and achieved the great place in the internet as it is one of the world’s most used website by people after Google which is accessed by over 400 millions of active users.

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My Journey with driving Facebook Traffic.

I have been using Facebook for a long while around one and half years to promote my blog posts for getting visits from it, From the start to now I got more friends and loyal readers from Facebook and still getting more and more from Facebook, Almost a large share of the people starting their day by checking the updates on Facebook and I am the one person addicted Facebook to get introduction with niche people.

If you are passionate about getting visits from Facebook and want more visits from it, Don’t worry about to bring more visits, Let me tell you the powerful way to get 100+ visits/day which I am using now and that works fine for me.

In the initial stage of blogging I started using Facebook for link building with people, Discuss related topics and to get updates from other blogs to comment and express my opinions etc, The purpose whatever it may be, but as a blogger we need to have strong relationship on Facebook get more visits from there.

When I start blogging as my part time career I started using many ways to bring potential visits from social Medias and one such way is Facebook, and got 5 to 10 visits from it, But unfortunately after following many steps I got same 5 or10 visits/day for a long time, I am using a great simple technique on Facebook now I am getting 50 to 60 visits/day from it.

That is not a secret, As you might already know about it and believe you getting more benefits from this, Whenever I post article I place a link related with the topic, One day I placed the series of links of my old posts as my status update on Facebook which I already got more visits and comments, From this way I got a surprise that I got more than 50 visits on the same day as you can see in the image below.

So I continued this process to get more people attention on Facebook and I don’t know what is the reason behind it, Now I would like to tell you that don’t abuse this simple steps by place series of links all the time of the whole day and I am not guarantee t get visits and the result is positive or negative based on your efforts and the way of people like your writing.

Make sure you’ve a good hosting before you’re actually driving traffic from Facebook. Often time it happens that when you post something viral and you’ve got a poor web hosting then your website would go down and it’s very hassle to resolve this hosting issue which is why I preferred getting hosting from HostGator, it’s cheap, secure, and unconditionally the best of all hosting.

If you already using this simple way and getting more visits from Facebook, your opinions are welcome in the form of comments and other requested to follow this to get more visits.

Don’t forget to share on Facebook and tweet if you like this post 😉

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Unlock iPhone 6 – Easy Methods To Jailbreak Unlock An iPhone

iPhone 6 Jail Break

Safe Instructions For Unlocking The iPhone 6

There is a reason that so many iPhone owners decide to unlock their iPhone 6 so that they can remove the many restrictions placed by Apple.

Not much time has passed since the launch of iPhone 6, the most awaited smartphone in history. As it turned out, the device was lapped up by the people and received rave reviews from critics as well.

However, restrictions imposed by Apple not allowing the customers to download third party apps as also the inability of the customers to unlock al potential features of their gadgets has led to thousands of users to go for unlock iphone 6.

This has become a common way to enhance the user experience as also to move away from the carrier whose services customer has been using.

Unlock of iPhone makes it possible to download and install apps that are not available on Apple’s app store. Customers also stand to gain in monetary terms as they can avail the services of any other carrier of their choice by taking out SIM of the carrier and inserting the SIM of any other carrier.


How to Rotate Videos on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – BossTechy

Top 5 Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS – CrayonPaper

Can You Unlock iPhone 6 Cell Phones?

There is no doubt that earlier models of iPhone have been successfully unlocked with the help of tools available on the internet. Many of these software based methods are free though some are paid. There are scores of hackers and developers who start working on ways to tweak the operating system as soon as Apple comes out with a new model of iPhone. Despite the efforts of different dev teams, there has not been a breakthrough in unlock iphone 6.

iPhone 6 Jail Break

Though there has been a lot of talk of hardware based methods to unlock iPhone 6, we would certainly not advice our readers to go for any of these tools as there have been many cases where the expensive devices of the customers have been bricked and irreparably damaged during the process of unlock.

Of late, there have been many unlocking kits that work as interposer kits and many iPhone 6 users have been able to achieve unlock of their phones using these kits. These kits work on the principle of fooling the carrier you are using into believing that your Phone is in fact factory unlocked so as to allow you to take out the SIM and insert the SIM of any other carrier.

There is a new interposer kit by Gevey called TP SIM in the market that has been used by some iPhone 6 users. The comments of these customers have been fairly positive as they have been able to achieve unlock of their gadgets using this hardware based tool. In fact, Gevey happens to be one of the every few companies that have been providing tools for jailbreak and unlock of iPhone 6. This tool has been able to achieve the desired results for iPhone 6 owners with a few basebands. However, the kit does not seem to work for the baseband 4.11.08 so it is better for unlocked iPhone 6 owners with this baseband to stay away from this tool kit.

  1. Buy the new tool kit called TP SIM to unlock your iPhone 6
  2. Take out the SIM card from your Phone
  3. Insert the SIM provided by the new tool kit
  4. Make an emergency call to your service provider and disconnect before the call is actually connected
  5. Put your Phone in the Airplane mode toggle it a few times until you see the signals of the new carrier on the top left of the screen
  6. Ignore the error messages that may be flashed by your intelligent phone
  7. Your iPhone 6 has been unlocked
  8. Make a test call through the new carrier to see if indeed the kit has been successful

Using Automatic Software To Unlock Your iPhone 6

If you are an owner of a factory locked iPhone 6, you know how wonderful a device it is to make use any tool from the internet that is not authenticated. You certainly do not want to cause heavy damage to the hardware of the phone by making use of any kit from the internet that does not provide any back up in case of any error in following the instructions during unlock.

This is why it is prudent to make a thorough study of the available unlock methods to get to a software based method that is safe and reliable. It is a fact that software based methods for unlock iphone 6 are safer than hardware based methods as one can revert to original condition of the phone anytime during unlock.

iPhone 6 may be the best smartphone ever, there are still owners who, after having used their gadget for some time now yearn for more, not content with what features and apps are being made available to them by Apple.

This is not surprising given the development of third party apps that are very attractive and alluring. Apple does provide upgrades of iOS but these are not sufficient to enhance user experience in the manner in which iPhone unlock 4 is able to transform the experience of the owners of older phones. Though Apple does not approve of unlock using software from vendors, there is nothing illegal about the procedure. If you have any apprehensions, forget them as even DMA has declared jailbreak and unlock perfectly legal.

Is it Safe To unlock an iPhone 6 phone?

Jailbreak is a process that is as old as the first iPhone. There have been hackers and developers tinkering with the iOS for quite some time now and these people have helped iPhone owners to achieve unlock of their gadgets to go ahead and enjoy new features and fantastic third party apps that are there in the market but Apple’s app store does not provide them.

Many iPhone owners have tried the free and paid tools available on the internet and got desired results. However, a large number of iPhone users are apprehensive about unlock iphone 6 as they are fearful of damage to their expensive gadget. It is a fact that many people have accidentally got their phone damaged irreparably while trying to unlock though it is a simple process. Those who have some basic technical knowledge about unlocking iPhone 6 is certainly helpful. However, developers have made the process very easy these days and even those having no technical knowledge can easily achieve unlock to enjoy their iPhones in the desired manner.

Safe Methods For Unlocking iPhone 6 Phones

Unlocking is one concept that has made more and more iPhone owners excited and take note of it. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to make use of new apps and have in general improved functionality from his device than is being provided by the company?

However, it is really surprising that most of these iPhone owners are not willing to pay a price for unlock despite getting so much in return. There are available scores of free tools on the internet for unlock of iPhones that provide step by step instructions to go unlock.

Those who have some knowledge of iOS know that every device made by Apple has a unique code that is identified by the app store and only after identification of this code does app store allow download of apps. The unlock procedure allows for installation of Cydia software that makes the device download and display even third party apps.

One popular method to go for unlock of iPhone 6 is to make use of interposer kits that are neither hardware based nor software based and achieve unlock easily with just a few clicks of the phone.

  • Step 1: Dial the emergency number of your carrier but drop before the call is connected
  • Step 2: Put the phone into Airplane Mode
  • Step 3: Take out the SIM and replace it with the SIM of another carrier
  • Step 4: Turn off Wi-Fi to ensure that your phone does not automatically connect to the company
  • Step 5: Now deactivate the airplane mode on your phone
  • Step 6: Your phone makes a search for signals
  • Step 7: After a few second wait, turn off the power
  • Step 8: Reboot the phone and upon activation, you should see the signals of the new carrier
  • Step 9: Your phone has been unlocked

Downloading Professional Unlock iPhone 6 Software

The above mentioned method is only a temporary unlock of iPhone 6 and the phone reverts to its original configurations as soon as there is refreshment of TMSI.

There are also several free tools on the internet that are claimed to be easy and efficient methods of unlock iphone 6. However, upon trial, it was found that there is no help available to the user should there be a mishap during the unlock process provided by the website. It is only natural to be short of technical support when you are using free tools for unlock.

This is where websites that charge a fee for unlock iPhone 6 solutions prove to be safe and reliable. Short of performing unlock through a remote, you can rest assured that your phone gets unlocked as you get backup from the company. Get started today, visit iPhone 6 Unlocking to free your iPhone of its restrictions!

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How to Turn Your Facebook Profile into a Fanpage?

Facebook Auto Likers, Facebook Tricks, Facebook Profile to Page

Our discussion today is on a simple trick on how you can turn your facebook account or profile into a fanpage plus all your friends turned into likes on your page, this is a  great way to surpass the 5000 friends limit that facebook allows.

Facebook Auto Likers, Facebook Tricks, Facebook Profile to Page

For example  if you are having 2500 friends on your facebook account with these simple trick you can turn your facebook profile into a fanpage and all your 2500 friends they will be turned into 2500 likes on your fanpage.

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Easy Steps to Verify Your Facebook Page with Blue Badge

Woo this is really getting interesting if you are an individual or a group of persons that are popular you are likely to reach the facebook friend limit within a twinkle of  an eye, after you reach 5000 friends that’s the limit you can’t get more than 5000 friends but with these little trick you will be able to get more than 1 millions friends on your fanpage. I know you would love this trick lol.

Turn your Facebook Account into a Fanpage

Turning your facebook account into a fanpage  is an easy task to complete all you need is the url to covert your facebook account into a fanpage  with all your friends turned into like on your fanpage

Here is the url –

  1. Go to the URL above.
  2. Click on Get Started button.
  3. Once you click that you’d be prompted with You’ve created a new Facebook Page.
  4. Now click on Continue.
  5. Follow the screen, and you’re done.


AddMeFast.Com – Get Free Social Shares With AddMeFast

How to Add All Friends to Facebook Group in 1 Click.

it is just like creating a new fanpage but this one is more amazing and great because all your friends will be turned into likes on your fanpage. so you won’t be worried about getting likes on your fanpage.

My friend Rony got his new whatsapp status site, be sure to check it 😉

Please feel free to share your thoughts about this content, we love hearing your thoughts.

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Blogging has changed

blogging tips

It is a steaming hot and lazy Sunday afternoon and I am catching up with things.

A subject came to mind that I’ve been interested in writing about for some time. It concerns blogging in America today.

Specifically how it has changed over the last several years. Boy, it has changed!


  • Everyone is on the Internet now. It isn’t a semi secret place to write anymore.
  • Search engines are so advanced now that you can start a blog this morning and have readers pissed at you by noon. It is difficult to go unnoticed. Earlier we neither had tools like Long Tail Pro to do keyword researching.
  • People are fired from their jobs every single day because they expressed a personal opinion publicly online.
  • America has become one big group of angry people, and they have no tolerance for free speech.

blogging tipsBack in the early days of blogging, it was sort of a poorly kept secret. Unless you were really into the internet you didn’t read any blogs. And most people knew nothing about the internet. I remember watching a commercial on TV and seeing the first company to offer their web address. I thought that was so cool.

Back then you could say anything you wanted to say online and chances are, no one ever heard you! The web was a baby just learning to stand on it’s wobbly little legs, and it was difficult to get noticed. You had to submit your blog to search engines like “Metacrawler” which was the hottest search engine until something called Google came along.

But, free speech was easy. If someone did find your blog in the corner of the www, they would leave a comment and be done with you. People being fired from their jobs was a rare thing. Unheard of in fact.

Eventually everyone got on the internet. Even my 86 year old mother in law.  Facebook came along, (after myspace) and became in my view the greatest alternative to blogging. It became a blogging platform itself. LinkedIn came along for professional bloggers networking.

Now you can start a blog in the morning and have someone screaming at you in the afternoon, upset with your exercise of free speech. By the next day you are fired from your job. Not because you broke any law. Not because you encouraged anyone to break a law. Just for having an opinion.

Today people are getting fired because of exercising their free speech rights every day.  Be it on a blogging platform such as Blogger or WordPress, or on Facebook – bishal shared whole web 2.0 sites list. Recently a high school principal in North Miami was removed from his position because he expressed a personal opinion in support of police.  A Pembroke Pines city commissioner took heat for a comment he made about Bruce Jenner. (He did not lose his job though.)

If you write something about anything, someone in America is going to disagree with you. Enough to get you fired. Literally everyone  is on the internet now.

I remember the famous South Florida Daily Blog written every day for years by Rick. It evolved out of “Stuck on the Palmetto” which had to close suddenly because Rick’s cover was blown and I guess he had to keep his blogging totally separate  from his job. I remember having some epic “discussions” with Rick there. I truly enjoyed those debates and many times my personal views were successfully challenged. I learned from that experience.

Sadly, Rick had to close down SFDB as he was apparently once again exposed, or was at risk of being exposed. He is back, as we all knew he would be, but this time writing a closed blog at South Florida Daily Blog.  One must be invited to be let in. (Obviously, I have not received an invitation.)

I think it is very sad that people cannot expressed their opinions on their off hours.  SFDB was the best overall blog in South Florida. Now it operates in darkness behind closed doors. The community is the ones who have lost something.

As for me, I have moved to FaceBook as well as several other internet locations. What happened to Rick has made me exercise more care. We all live and work in an environment where freedom of expression is frowned upon. And people are punished if their views do not conform to the approved narratives. I now comment on some websites, news organizations etc, but of course using a fake email address and alias.

I still blog here from time to time, but if you have to measure every word you write to politically sensitive standards, why write?

I have a special handicap in that my real name is extremely unusual. Enter my first and last name in Google and the very first twenty links are me. Search engine land shares a good infolinks on getting your name on Google.

Since my views are either far left or far right, I have the ability to piss off pretty much everyone.  My employer, if aware of my posts would indeed have an issue with them. Which is why over the last several months I have been deleting or archiving some of my more risky posts. Hundreds of them have been removed from the blog, and I still have hundreds to go through.

That is what has changed about blogging. The wonderful freedom of expression, the mixing of ideas, is not tolerated in America anymore. Voices are falling silent.

It is a shame.

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Top 100 High PR Free Dofollow Profile Creation Sites List

Profile Creation Sites

Profile Creation SitesProfile creation sites is really beneficial when you want to rank your keyword at the first page of Google search engine. Profile sites allow you to get free high pr dofollow backlink for your website which in turn is a really great value for your link profile.

I and many SEO consultants in Dubai uses the same method to rank their and clients site.

And today in this article I would like to share with you friends my personal list of free dofollow profile sites list of 2016 in which I have been building links on since a very long time to rank my event blogs. They are working great. I have ranked New Year, Diwali, and a lot of event sites with these list so that is why I am sharing it to you too friends. Hope you like it –

Note: On-page SEO must be done properly in order for your links to effectively work. Here’s one guide on writing SEO friendly title of your post.

Limited Offer: SEO Powersuite Discount & Coupon 2016 – 40% Off.

Best Free High PR Profile Sites List

  34. http:///

The list is taken from Mr. Bishal Biswas’s website and I would like to give full created to him. This is the article url – I have been following him and his blog since a long time and really respects his talent.

Thanks you a lot friends for supporting me and my blogs. I have recently started blogging and you have helped me a lot to understand the concept of blogging.

Posted on – Best Classified Site to Buy And Sell Products


OLXIf you are planning to sell your old car, bike, scooter or any other kind of electronic appliance like television, air conditioner, refrigerator etc and are unable to buy a buyer, then I would recommend you to make use of changing technology and try

OLX is a free classified network that allows you to post your free ad on their website and help you sell or buy old products easily.

What is

OLX is a free online platform of classifieds. OLX offers local classified ads for jobs, for sale, real estate, services, community and events. The service allows you to post your classified ad for free.

The website hosts the user-submitted classifieds advertisements from all over the world and thus helping buyers meet sellers easily.

As the tagline says “Yha Sab Kuch Bikta Hai“, you can sell almost any kind of product ranging from mobiles to cameras, computer to home appliances, vehicles to watches and everything that you could even imagine of.

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How to Buy and Sell Products Using OLX ?

To start selling or buying old products on OLX, you will simply need to follow few simple processes :

1. Firstly, you have to create and verify an account with OLX at their website, using your email ID.

2. After you have registered an account with OLX, as a buyer you can browse through all available products near you. For instance, let us suppose that you search for mobile phones in OLX.

3. Now when you have the product you need, simply contact the buyer from various contact options available in the product stream.

4. If you are seller, simply post a new ad by adding the description and other details via the various options present.

So both buying and selling are easy task in OLX.

Main features of OLX : 

  • Both Buying and Selling are too easy
  • Allows you to display your ads to various social media networks like Facebook
  • Free Ad Posting
  • Reach thousands of potential buyers and sellers
  • Nicely categorized and sub-categorized website
  • User friendly and highly reliable
  • Available in 96 countries with 40+ languages
  • Mobile friendly version of website also available

Read more features here.

OLX ad campaigns have also become much popular similar to their website within a short period they usually drive traffic and leads conversion from cpa networks like AdCombo. Below is a simple video of : Yha Sab Kuch Bikta Hai. I hope that you would enjoy watching it. You can even follow OLX on YouTube to stay connected with more new videos.

Conclusion :

So OLX definitely seems to be service worth trying as it can help you easily buy, sell, rent anything very fast. So what are you waiting for? Visit and buy or sell your stuff without thinking this much.

OLX is a free classified network that allows you to post your free ad on their website and help you sell or buy old products easily.
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Supercharge Your Blog Traffic With 5 Simple Steps


Blog Traffic is something which is a very important part of our website, Without traffic we would not get more expose, not more expose means not good income and not good income leads to depreciation. Peoples often gets discouraged when they are new to blogging due to low amount of traffic to their blog. Either they leave blogging or they leave their site to get rotten with tons of spam. And today in this very article of  Denny’s Fantastic 4 we’d be unrevealing some really great tactics to improve your blog traffic.


But the main thing is now “How we can drive traffic to our blog?” isn’t this same question juggling in your mind! May be yes or may be no. Traffic can be driven by may ways and processes and till now you might heard that with high ranking we would get traffic or by promoting on social media rest going on….The problem is many people start using traffic bots like TrafficSpirit which automatically increases the traffic and looks like a real traffic but the thing is you must not use such bots.

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Supercharge Your Blog Traffic

It’s probably really easy to setup a blog but really hard to maintain it properly and drive traffic and engage readers. In this article you would be learning that how you can supercharge your blog traffic with just 5 simple steps:

1. Drive Traffic Using Hubpages or Squidoo

Have you heard about Squidoo which now is Hubpages? May be yes or may not. These are the blogger networks in which peoples used to create pages of their own. Create Landing Pages for their specific keyword. And write article there and drive traffic.

In Squidoo you just have to create lens and have to drive quality traffic in it and once you get famous then you could drive effective and unstoppable traffic to your blog. Same in hubpages but little different. In hubpage you are allowed to keep a do-follow link pointed to your blog and you would be happy to know that.

Hubpage is liked by Google and it’s rapidly indexed in search engine and it is not really hard to get branch of traffic from this network. You must give it a try I am sure you would be genuinely satisfied.

2. Participate In Various Forums

Have you ever thought that you could actually drive thousands of traffic by using forums? Till now you might just have visited forums for your own purpose whether it can be getting an answer to a question or getting something valuable. But those who are active in those big forums are actually driving a massive traffic to their blog.

But Why?

Now I think this question might be moving across your mind. Once again repeating! May be yes, or may be not.

Peoples who are present in the forums leaves an impression of their blog/site with their post. In some forums you are also allowed to set up your own adsense add with the post you have published. Peoples often uses banners, promotional affiliates, coupons etc to attract the visitors to your site.

3. Earn A Jackpot By Commenting On Popular Blogs

Now here comes one of the mysterious thing which you might not have thought of. Peoples in the sake of promoting their blog and for backlinks they use to comment on the Do-Follow blogs but one thing you might not know.

You must have a list of high quality active and good blogs of your blog’s niche. And once you have published an article make sure to comment on those popular blogs. Just not commenting. Another thing is there.

Make Sure That You Are The First One To Comment On The Post so that you get more expose. Also remember to comment a really valuable comment so that others too check what you have written. If you are the first to comment then probably you would be the first and the most close to the post. And last thing to remember is to remember is to keep an link back to your site’s latest post.

4. Create Youtube Tutorials

Your first aim is to drive blog traffic. And you might know that Youtube is the largest video sharing site which is owned by Google. And serving more than billions a day. So think how much visitors you can drive.

You just have to create Youtube Tutorials which is not a big deal to deal with. It would hardly take 1 Hour for you to create an informative and robust tutorial. Video contents serve one of the most important strategy to drive traffic to your blog.

Now a days peoples search for cracks, patches etc rather than blogging tips in video sites as they could easily get blogging tips or tips to drive traffic or etc. So you could start uploading video tutorials which are based on cracks or anything else. Peoples have more interest in those stuffs. And then smartly at the beginning of the video and the beginning of the description of the tutorial make sure to highlight your blog in it so that people see your blog first then the tutorial.

By this you could easily drive traffic to your blog. It’s really an easy and effective formula.


This methods to drive traffic to your blog is really effective and probably new to you. But with this formulas you could drive massive traffic. And now that you’ve actually started to drive traffic you can now monetize with cpa advertising networks like AdCombo and earn money. Make sure to try this strategies. And if you have any more unique suggestion or any question regarding this then feel free to comment. Peace and Happy Blogging 😉